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"Excellent Experience! During externship I was able to take histories, perform physical exams, come up with management plans and present to Dr. Malik and his team.

I saw a wide variety of patients during this externship and mastered 'bread and butter' family medicine including DM, HTN, HLD, vaccinations, various types of infections, pain management and saw more complex cases such as sarcoidosis, lymphedema, amyloidosis, CAD, and others.

It is a very busy externship. During four weeks of externship I saw over one hundred patients. Dr. Malik and is a  highly compassionate clinician. He and his team have excellent interpersonal skills with patients and externs. Their calm and professional  demeanor was clearly evident during the entire externship which created an excellent learning environment. I am certain the knowledge gained and skills I learnt during this externship will be very helpful in my medical career. In conclusion, I would consider this experience to be highly valuable".

WA, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Malik took his time to really make sure my medical judgement was sound. I learned more these past 4 weeks than I did in 4 years of medical school. I would recommend this experience to all students seriously considering primary care as a career.

M.A., Egypt

Excellent rotation! Absolutely one of the best I have had here in the U.S. Dr. Malik really pushed us to think outside the box. He is an amazing clinician who radiates his knowledge. His practice is very busy with a diverse population of patients. I strongly recommend learning at the hands of Dr. Malik

H.M., India

Absolutely amazing learning experience! Patient exposure is very diverse in population as well as medical issues, this allows us to see all aspects of Family Medicine. Dr. Malik and his team give you the autonomy to learn from your patient encounters and then spend the time with you to thoroughly review the patient case. Any down time in the clinic is filled with teaching  on a variety of topics. Wonderful rotation with amazing staff and doctors at the clinic! 

VP, Montreal, Canada

"This has been the best decision I ever made. Dr. Malik really loves to teach. I felt involved in every step of the medical management process. Dr. Malik allows you to express your thoughts first, then fine tunes them. This experience really allowed me to develop my skills as a student."

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