Bridgeport Family Medicine is a primary and urgent care facility located in the heart of Bridgeport, CT. We specialize in Tick-born diseases, such as Lyme, Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella just to name a few. We offer primary care and same-day appointments for walk-in and urgent-care needs. Our clinic also offers physical exams for DOT, refugee, immigration, schools, and universities. We also offer travel vaccines and drug testing.

Due to our location and scope of practice we are a busy practice and see a very diverse patient population. We offer full-scope family medicine and pride ourselves for our continued community involvement and outreach. We are dedicated to educating our patients and have been certified by the American Medical Association as an externship/observership opportunity.

Bridgeport Family Medicine

We are proud to have the program we have due to the unique structure we have set up. Our program is a unique outpatient externship opportunity in Family Medicine. It is VERY HANDS ON. Our program begins with a few days of shadowing and then steps into 3 weeks of being an extern physician. You are taught how to perform everyday essential tests like ekgs, spirometry, urinalysis, vaccination/injection techniques, etc. The extern will interview the patient, perform the physical exam and present the case to Dr. Malik with their preliminary management/care plan. The extern will then re-examine the patient alongside Dr. Malik. Differential diagnoses, management options, labs and imaging are discussed. We like to think of what we are doing as a “mini residency program,” in an essence something to prepare you strongly for what lies ahead.

We utilize an electronic health record and e-script our prescriptions to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Externs are given access to our EMR/EHR system and are given permission to write notes. Notes are a cornerstone of patient care and we focus heavily (amongst other things) on training this concept. Informally, we have plenty of lectures throughout the day where we review current guidelines regarding ‘bread and butter’ family medicine topics. This is done between cases and sometimes in a formal setting for specific topics. We have medical students and externs rotating here on a regular basis. However, to maximize exposure and assist our externs in gaining the most from their experience, we only have 2-3 externs rotating at a time. We also have our externs present cases and research topics. The externship is VERY INTERACTIVE with quite an opportunity to learn and gain REAL, HANDS-ON experience and knowledge.

Dr. Awais Malik

Dr. Awais Malik

Dr. Awais Malik, MD is a board-certified family physician. He practices primary care medicine  offering care to the entire family- from children to the elderly. He specializes in urgent care and lyme disease treatment. He has been practicing for over 12 years. Dr. Malik has a passion for teaching. He teaches medical, nurse practitioner, and PA students and is a clinical instructor for students rotating from Yale University, Sacred Heart University, and Fairfield University.